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Birds in Paradise

Many of the birds we saw in Africa had names — as in genus, species names — I just don’t recall any of them (except the vulture, of course, and perhaps the ostrich and the penguin). The birds are curiously … Continue reading

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Birds of prey

I had never seen a vulture before. Then, on an early-morning safari in Zimbabwe, our guided group came across a large collection (also known as a “committee”) of vultures resting in a patch of trees. Commonly, the grand prize of … Continue reading

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More Musings on (Not) Writing

This post may not have a point to it, but that’s the point. I’ve been writing since I was a kid. Like many kids, I wrote stories — sometimes for school, sometimes just to amuse my siblings or to get … Continue reading

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A Musing on the Writing Life and the Fit Life

In addition to being a Writer, I am a Fitness Enthusiast.  There are at least three obvious parallels between the disciplines of Exercise and Writing. 1. They both operate on momentum.  It is lore among some writers that Ernest Hemingway … Continue reading

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A Stop on the Blue Train

One of the primary reasons for choosing South Africa as a destination was because of a long-running love affair with train travel — particularly of the “luxury” kind.  In researching a 2010 trip to Eastern Europe, I learned about South … Continue reading

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