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"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.”

A public garden

A day trip during COVID times recently involved going to a nearby (within an hour’s drive) public garden on a Friday afternoon. The recently re-opened Wave Hill Public Garden & Cultural Center is a fine place to go, where, for … Continue reading

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Everything Fathers Day represents fits onto the front of a greeting card

I hope everyone out there had a good Father’s Day, whatever you may be a father of. Over the weekend, while lingering six feet away from the person in front of me in the grocery store checkout lane, I saw … Continue reading

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Going soft

Among the many meanings of the phrase “going soft,” all of them, AFAIK, come with negative connotations. Letting yourself go physically, getting out of shape, going easy on other people, withholding judgment on them, showing a little too much forgiveness … Continue reading

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A song is stuck in my head: This song is based on a book — one that was assigned in my high school English class decades ago.  My Goodreads review is brief:  “Undoubtedly my single favorite book of all … Continue reading

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2 workouts, 2 recipes and a blog post

We, the human race, are in the grip of a global airborne disease pandemic. Regardless of interpretation of the severity of this problem, everyone is, on some level, struggling through restrictions being externally placed on comings and goings. Many of … Continue reading

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A snowstorm and a cancelled flight

All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for their daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glasses No expression, no expression Hide my head, I want to … Continue reading

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Mourning Rushes in

I was about thirteen when the sound of drums became the backdrop of my adolescence in the house I grew up in. Between church youth groups and cheerleading practice and Friday night football games, I heard, almost constantly, the banging … Continue reading

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2019: Let me count the ways

How did I love thee, 2019?  Let me count the ways. I loved the month of January, and my brief visit to Savannah, Georgia, in all its mysteries. I loved the month of February, when I climbed a mountain so … Continue reading

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The local vacation

You’ve heard of the Staycation, but that’s a vacation where you stay home or near home and just have a little leisure time. But I recently rented a hotel room a block away from my residence, and I can fully … Continue reading

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Tricks of the Eye

Normally I am quick to correct people (even if only in my mind) who say “All is not what it seems.”  The reason I am so quick to correct is because usually what they mean by that statement is that … Continue reading

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