The fit life, the bike life

About a year ago, COVID-19 was only two months into the collectively anxious unconscious and there were warnings to stay indoors, “shelter in place,” and avoid congregating in crowds.

Information was confusing and chaotic. Rules were unclear and at times contradictory.

That led to a bicycle shortage, apparently the biggest bike shortage in history.

No one was riding trains or taking buses, and roads were clear. Perfect time to hop on two wheels and breathe the air, mask on.

Try finding a bike to buy anywhere, and you’d find a nine-month wait. Orders placed in May were lucky if they could be fulfilled by Christmas. Even used bikes were hard to come by.

Over a year later, apparently there still is a shortage. Along the way, I was lucky to get one brand new at a store that said they had two left from a recent shipment. Not the brand I was shopping for, but no complaints so far. Bike shop guy said it was “a deal,” and maybe it was.

I haven’t ridden it quite as much as I expected, but it’s good to be on two wheels again.

When (if?) the pandemic is over, and the streets are crowded again, and public transport is full and I need to feel the breeze on my skin and navigate the roads in my gear, I’m there.

About Traveler

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.”
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