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Losing time to jet lag

I know there are solutions to jet lag — sleeping pills for the plane ride, a glass of wine, herbal tea, and other sleep aids of choice — but nothing has ever worked better for me than good old-fashioned sleep.  … Continue reading

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An atmosphere befitting Transylvania

The 9th of September 2010 is a day to remember, and its mood helps the remembering.  The day before, I had boarded a luxury train in Budapest and arrived in Romania the next morning.  By the time I arrived in … Continue reading

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Istanbul cats

Nine years ago I was in Rome Italy, and I was struck by how many stray cats were wandering about the Colosseum. Yet the number of stray cats there barely rivals those in Istanbul! From the time I arrived to … Continue reading

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Tonight I’m gonna bathe like it’s 1584

Now, if you’ve never had a massive jug of foamy water poured across your naked form on a hot stone table, I highly recommend the experience. Continue reading

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Turkish Delight

During a stroll on our first night in Istanbul, we passed by a shop window full of this candy, and I found the color-burst irresistible. Continue reading

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