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South Western Township

There are many, many sights and “must-see” spots on a trip to South Africa, but probably topping the list (especially for anyone with any awareness of the long and hard ongoing struggle in this strong and resilient country) would be … Continue reading

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Things are Looking Up

Where I have lived for over thirty years, it is said that people “never look up.”  In fact, that is often one of the ways you know who the tourists are:  They’re looking up. New York City, of course, is … Continue reading

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A Formal Affair

On the way to the Cape of Good Hope, there is a stop at Boulders Beach where a bunch of suited up penguins hang out.  Some of them seem to be hiding out inside little huts.  Others are bopping around … Continue reading

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Hey, hey we’re the Monkeys

One of the sights most tourists are enthusiastic about seeing on a trip to Africa (or anywhere for that matter) are our close relatives in the monkey family. I saw a few types of monkeys on this trip.  While in … Continue reading

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The Big Five

In Africa, you often hear of what is referred to as The Big Five.  Including the African lion, the Big Five are what every safari tourist hopes to see before they have to head home.  They are the large game … Continue reading

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Birds of prey

I had never seen a vulture before. Then, on an early-morning safari in Zimbabwe, our guided group came across a large collection (also known as a “committee”) of vultures resting in a patch of trees. Commonly, the grand prize of … Continue reading

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A Stop on the Blue Train

One of the primary reasons for choosing South Africa as a destination was because of a long-running love affair with train travel — particularly of the “luxury” kind.  In researching a 2010 trip to Eastern Europe, I learned about South … Continue reading

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The fields and the Falls

I have been back in the U.S. for a while now, since end of May 2016, from what was an uplifting, educational, and truly inspiring experience.  Two out of three of those would have been worth the resources invested in … Continue reading

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