Turkish Delight

The first time I heard of Turkish Delight was as a kid while reading The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  In the story, it was the bait that lured Edmund into the evil hands of the White Witch.  Over the years, the phrase would evoke that story and also remind me of a Second Chapter of Acts song that retells the Edmund tale.

Even in Turkey I can’t say I had a hankering for Turkish Delight, and certainly, those who have tried this sugary, nutty confection can attest to its appeal.  Not being a big fan of jelly-variety candies, I’ve never tried it and therefore don’t know what I’m missing if it’s as good as the T.D. addicts say, so it’s an easy delectable for me to resist.

The VISUAL appeal of a display of Turkish Delight is another story.  During a stroll on my first night in Istanbul, I passed by a shop window full of this candy, and I found the color-burst irresistible.  Before long I would start seeing patterns in displays such as this — not only of Turkish Delight but of spices, carpets, gemstones, ice cream…

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