Vintagio* mini-films

A few years ago I got really into making little mini-movies with an app I was playing around with at the time called Vintagio*.  I would find something of interest to shoot with my iPhone camera, record a few minutes of it, and then set the whole thing to music.

When I tried to upload them to this blog, I learned that I’d have to upgrade to a considerably higher-cost plan, so I’ve decided to post a link here to my YouTube channel that contains (so far) three of these mini-films.  While you’re there, feel free to subscribe.

One (titled Monks Shearwater Snow Leopard) is from a rainy afternoon in early September 2011, near the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.  That would explain the monks meditating outside the World Trade Center site. (The WTC is not visible in this video, but the monks are.)  I set this video to the song “Snow Leopard” by Shearwater.

Another is one that I made going through a car wash in my old hometown.  This is a car wash that my dad named through a naming contest back when I was a kid.  The “Tunnel o’ Suds.”  Now it’s been re-named, but that name stuck for a good 30+ years.  This video is set to Rose Royce’s song “Car Wash,” for obvious reasons.

A third is one I made sitting inside a Starbucks on 7th Avenue in Manhattan a few years ago while I watched the window cleaner do his thing.  It’s set to a Tom Petty song I don’t know the title of.  (Tom, if you are reading this, don’t sue me. Just contact me by email. We’ll talk.)

One thing I never did figure out was how to do a nice fade-out so that it doesn’t end so abruptly.  I’ll work on that.

There are more of these, but I need to find them on a missing-in-action external hard drive.  For now, these, for your viewing and listening pleasure.

* Correction:  The title of this post originally referred to the video editing app as Magisto (which I have also used and is legitimately good in its own right), but in fact, the videos in the above links were edited and produced using an app called Vintagio.



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