Face plant

Sometimes, the distance between a pleasant moment and an utter nightmare is just a few feet and a millisecond.  This is what happened to me on a recent Saturday night while out walking my dog.

FacePlantEncouraged by me, the dog broke into a run. Obviously, he has double the number of paws I do, and is about sixty-five percent of my weight (most of it muscle), so it goes without saying that his “horsepower” way outdoes mine.

When he broke into an on-leash run, it took me for a very brief wild ride, also known as face-planting right down on the hard concrete sidewalk.   Pop Art Beaten Business Woman with Bandaged Arm Smiling. Injured

Gives a whole new meaning to “hit the ground running.”

Skin abrasions, bruised eyes, swollen forehead. Check. Fortunately, no breaks, punctures, or apparent permanent damGirl in mirrorage. Doc says “You were very lucky.”

It’s just a matter of time before I recognize the girl in the mirror again.

On a pleasanter note, on the way home from the doctor, I took some video footage that turned into a short music video — so something fun (-ish) came out of the ordeal.



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