Covered Parking

Between trips to the west coast, I’m working on new ways to stay warm amidst the Ice Storms of the east.  Frequently this involves not leaving the house, but when necessary, trekkingSnowMounds3_2011 out into the elements with layers of fabric, at least one of which contains down.

I hear of flights out of the area that keep getting cancelled (mostly cancelled, some merely delayed), as my friends and loved ones are forced to wait out the winter thaw, still at least a month away, or complicate their travel plans with rescheduled flights, cancelled plans, and ruined moods.

The snow’s pristine qualities get corrupted by the gritty urban backdrop that blackens it almCoveredParking2_2011ost on impact.

I leave again in three days, if the skies allow passage.

In the meantime, I go about my business, and on occasion come across Nature’s quiet presentation, in a characteristic way of making itself seen.

About Traveler

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.”
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