The view from above

Flying across the U.S. offers the unique and beautiful perspective of American geography at thirty-five thousand feet above it.  Aside from the obvious modifiers (breathtaking, astounding, awesome, awe-inspiring) that run through the mind of the beholder at this point in the journey, there are a number of miniscule curiosities that emerge as the eye strains to observe earthbound experiences at that particular point in time.

“What am I looking at?” is the obvious one.  Pilots used to get on the loudspeaker periodically to fill passengers in when we were flying over something spectacular or of common interest, like the Grand Canyon.  (“Out the window to your left is … “)

Perhaps this nicety has gone the way of airplane peanuts, or there’s some other reason unknown to me for why I no longer hear that type of friendly chatter from the cockpit.

This photo was taken during a February 2011 trip from the east coast to the west coast about halfway through the trip (accounting for the snow-capped peaks and valleys), even if I can’t say exactly what they you’re looking at.

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