Visit Randyland

When you come across a place that is vibrant, delightfuIMG_4501l, welcoming, inclusive, inspiring, laid-back, and best of all, free, it’s hard to pass up. At Randyland, there is art, design, furniture, poetry, and community.

There are places to sit and chat with friends.

IMG_7576IMG_4452There’s a large box to drop your worries into (“no refund’s” [sic] clearly stated).

Randyland speaks for itself. It turns frowns upside down and lightens dark moods.

Randyland is located on the north side of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is as bright and multi-colored as the entire city was at one time dark and ashen. pittsburgh-pollution

It is, in some ways the “anti-Pittsburgh,” or at least the opposite of the vision of the city’s legacy. Since 1995, however, Randyland has been home to an art museum lovingly tended by Randy Gilson.

The museum has its share of the strange and unusual (see picture collage below). Some of the pieces are culled and curated from the hardscrabble city that surrounds it, and are then turned into unquestionable works of beauty and art.


Randy Gilson (Randyland’s namesake creator), in making Randyland free and available and open to the public, has offered this labor of love to the city that sprouted him and his art.

If you find yourself with an afternoon on a nice day (it is outdoors), visit Randyland. When you enter, place your worries in the Worries Box.  When you leave, place a coin or a bill or a friendly note of thanks in the donation box.


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